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What to do with your idea

If you have an idea for a novel invention or innovative new service, then it is very important that you are aware of what you should do to protect it and keep your rights.  Here are some useful tips and important facts that you should know:

Make sure that you do not disclose the details of your idea to anyone, especially at conferences or meetings or in clinical papers. Any of these activities will be seen as putting your idea into "the public domain" and this can harm or completely eliminate the potential for your idea to be protected and eventually commercialised, limiting or removing the chance of it bringing any financial benefit to you or your NHS organisation.

As an employee of the NHS you will be subject to the Intellectual Property Policy of your employing organisation, which is included as part of your employment contract.  You should speak to your Trust Innovation Leader, your Research and Development department or us (in confidence) to help you clarify the position regarding ownership of your idea.

In most cases, your idea will automatically be the property of your employing Trust.  However, as the inventor, you will  be entitled to a share of any financial return from its development, the nature of that arrangement being specific to each individual Trust.