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Organisation support pathway

The services NISW can offer to help develop and embed an Innovation Culture and policies that will encourage and support innovation across the organisation. For more information about how NISW works to support development of individual innovations see the Innovation Support Pathway.

1Innovation Strategy and Policy Support

Assisting with development of innovation strategy and policy Read more

  • Supporting development of Trust innovation strategy.
  • Establishing appropriate management structures and processes to assist with identification and adoption of innovations
  • Active membership in Innovation Panels and steering groups to help identification of the best ideas and accelerate change  



2Innovation Training

Training Trust Innovation Leaders (TILs) and other staff in innovation best practices Read more

  • Planning and provision of training to suitable Trust employees leading to achievement of "The Diploma in Innovation and Change Management" accredited by the Chartered Managment Institute and appointment as Trust Innovation Leader
  • Ongoing support and advice to develop candidates in the role
  • Provison of occasional CPD workshops and skills seminars



3Innovation Management Evolution

Continuous professional development to drive organisational change Read more

  • Provision of materials and learning sessions to achieve Continuous Professional Development
  • Delivery of "Innovation Masterclasses" targeted at middle and senior managers to assist cultural change, embed best practices and assist with evolution of policy and practice on a wider basis