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Services for Industry

Organisations outside the NHS play a highly important role in driving and facilitating innovation. By partnering with industry, academia and the health service, NHS Innovations South West is able to bring together all of the components necessary to take an innovative idea and turn it into a reality that can be available to everyone.

Our core attribute is our broad base of knowledge with the Life Sciences and Medical technology marketplaces based on the combined 100 years experience of our consulting team. 

  • Primary market research
  • Market assessment

  • Technology/Investment Appraisal

  • Business case development

  • UK and International Sales, Marketing and Business Development

In particular our team understands the issues and challenges associated with taking an idea or technology through the development phase to a final product that is ready for market, namely:

  • Does the end product address a sizable market need?
  • What is the competitive advantage of the final product?
  • How will the product be commercially exploited?
  • What are the technical, manufacturing and financial/funding challenges in the product development process?
  • Where are the risks? For example will the project attract sufficient funding to see it through the development phase to market readiness?
  • What regulatory, clinical, reimbursement hurdles will the product face both in the UK and internationally?

We are also able to provide the following support:

  • introductions to key decision making personnel to assist adoption and diffusion of novel products - especially those from iTAPP listings, that have NICE approvals or come from SBRI programmes
  • identification of suitable partners for collaboration
  • sourcing of suitable clinical partners for expert review and/or clinical trial
  • sourcing of appropriate prototyping or technical design assistance for medical products
  •  general advice  to assist with understanding the requirements of local NHS organisations