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The Cornwall Hydration project

'Focused on solving the long term problem of dehydration in elderly & vulnerable care'

This innovative nurse led project is the creation of Naomi Campbell RGN (Peninsula Community health CIC ) who has been supported by NHS Innovations and since 2009.

Naomi's fresh and pragmatic approach highlighting the problems associated with dehydration has gained national recognition. Her work is focused on the challenges of helping an elderly person to drink adequate daily
fluids to prevent the onset of dehydration. Understanding the complexities linked to such a basic nursing task provides an essential ( and often overlooked)  explanation as to why dehydration remains a long term problem in elderly care.

The Project provides an overview of the scale of this global problem that affects all developed countries. It aims to increase mutual understanding and communication between all concerned with improving hydration; including frontline staff, leading researchers in the field of dehydration, national policy makers, best practice guidelines, professional organisations, patient charities, nursing education, public health, carers, volunteers and health and social care providers in domiciliary care, nursing homes and acute care.

Highlighting, sharing and adopting best practice and encouraging and supporting the development of new innovative measures to better support basic hydration care must be made a healthcare priority if future generations are to be spared the suffering associated with dehydration.

Naomi invites any interested parties to contact her by email to discuss the work she is undertaking.

Please use @hydrationlead on twitter to contact Naomi about the Simple Measures initiative or mike.mcmillan@nisw.co.uk

Naomi's work in this area has been recognised with awards on many occassions:

Most recently http://www.bjnawards.co.uk/winners-2016


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