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Originally conceived by Professor Andy Levy at United Hospitals Bristol Trust, the Vibratip was developed with the assistance of Trust Innovation Lead Rachel Clark ( now Innovation Manager at Avon & Wilts Mental Health Partnership), and is sold in the UK and a growing number of international markets by McCallan Medical.

Vibration sense is typically one of the first sensory modalities to be impaired as peripheral neuropathy develops in patients with Diabetes.  Although graduated tuning forks and calibrated electronic devices are recommended to quantify the integrity of  vibration sensation in trial settings, in routine clinical practice standard musicians' tuning forks are typically used as a more subjective test of vibration sense integrity. However, they require a degree of skill and experience to use properly and achieve an accurate assessment and are increasingly expensive. Hence, the Vibratip was developed to overcome these difficulties.

VibraTip is a wipe-clean, disposable, key fob-sized device that is easy to use and provides a constant and reproducible source of vibration.  It can be applied to the skin more quickly, gently and consistently than a tuning fork  and it is easier to use more hygienically than a tuning fork.

Also, the vibration stimulus from VibraTip extends further than point pressure and is less affected by local skin characteristics such as the presence of callus. It's spherical head facilitates application from any angle
and its pocket size means that it is easy to carry and  is therefore more likely to be available at the point of use than a conventional tuning fork.

Practical experience and feedback from users has shown that it is very easy to use and to achieve consistency and accuracy of assessment across a range of healthcare settings and it is now being adopted widely across the NHS. It has also been shown that providing a patient with a Vibratip for home monitoring once an "at risk" foot has been identified is a useful strategy to inform and engage the patient in the importance of diligent footcare in ulcer prevention.

For further details or to contact McCallan Medical, follow this link: http://www.vibratip.com/index.php