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The Living Well Handbook

Developed by commissioners in NHS Gloucestershire, led by Helen Vaughan, Commissioning Development Manager for Dementia,  "The Living Well Handbook" is designed to be given to people living with Dementia on their first contact with the specialist dementia support organisations and assists their understanding and self management of the condition.  It was developed with assistance of NISW and input from 3rd sector partners, patients and their families e.g.  Carers Gloucestershire, Alzheimer's UK, Managing Memory ²gether, etc.

The Living Well Handbook was extensively trialled and researched prior to finalising the design and
content, with input from a wide range of individuals and guidance on design and structure from Angus Donald, Business Development Manager from NISW.  It won a regional "Partner in Care" award from the NHS South West SHA, who subsequently provided funding for it to be fully translated into 6 languages, and it is now
recommended as an example of best practice in the region's "Dementia Action" guidelines.

It has been used extensively in the community and in hospital settings throughout Gloucestershire, but is also now being trialled in other areas around the region as part of a wider adoption/diffusion process and is making a significant contribution to improved management and care of dementia patients across the South West.

For further information please contact NHS Innovations South West.