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The IV Sty

The IV Sty

Product: IV 'Sty'
Inventor: Sam McDonald
NHS Innovations South West / Cornwall & Isles of Scilly PCT

This product is a small plastic clip which prevents the different parts of IV sets from coming apart.

The Problem
Intra-Venous (IV) drip lines can be connected so that two sources of fluids both flow into one tube. This is known as a 'Piggy-Back'. With some traditional models of IV sets the 'Piggy-Back' line may become disconnected because there is nothing to secure the junction of the two lines.

This is a common problem which nurses have traditionally overcome by securing the parts with clinical tape. This improvised solution can create infection control issues, and may also increase the risks for staff of needle-stick injuries as they disconnect taped-up lines.

The Solution
Nurse Practitioner Sam McDonald of Cornwall & Isles of Scilly PCT recognised this issue and devised a solution to overcome the problem. She called this an IV 'Sty' - as it is a means to keep the 'Piggy-Back' in place.

NHS Innovations South West (NISW) assisted Sam in considering various methods to secure the drips. The result is a simple plastic clip which attaches to the lines once they are connected, and holds them together so that they cannot separate accidentally.

It is likely that this simple device could be included as one of the items in a drip set. NISW are now finalising a licence deal with a medical products manufacturer, on behalf of Cornwall & Isles of Scilly PCT.

This device overcomes the safety issues for both patients and staff associated with traditional IV sets, which are in use in many parts of the world.
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