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The Bandit Ligator

The Bandit Ligator

The Bandit is a non-sterile, single use, multi-band applicator for the treatment of internal haemorrhoids. The multiband system offers an alternative choice to current single band devices by providing the user with a preloaded product with 5 bands. This dramatically reduces procedure times and discomfort to the patient.

The Problem
Haemorrhoids are incredibly common; over half the population will suffer with them at sometime in their life. If the condition becomes severe then one option is surgery. A common procedure is to put a tight band around the pile until it scars and drops off (ligation). Previously the operation was carried out with a single use, single application ligator. The use of a single band ligator was often time consuming and uncomfortable for the patient as multiple banding was usually required.

The Solution
Mr Noaman Mihssin, a surgeon from South Devon Trust came up with the concept of a multi band ligator. The advantages of which are that there is no need for assistant to load bands; reduced procedure time and less discomfort for the patient. Using a multi band system, rather than several single band systems for each operation also would lead to cost savings for the Trust.

The Opportunity
Mr Mihssin, saw the potential of the idea to be commercialised and patented the concept. He also made contact with Solar Medical ltd, a manufacturer of medical devices. Solar Medical agreed to licence the concept and provide a royalty back to the Trust and Mr Mihssin. The agreement was signed in July 2006 and the new multi band ligator is now available to the market. For more information visit www.solarmedical.co.uk

The role of NISW
NISW helped Mr Mihssin to formalise the licence agreement with Solar Medical. NISW also assisted with mechanisms for the administration of the royalties from Solar Medical to the Trust and Mr Mihssin. Following the success of the Bandit, NISW, Mr Mihssin and Solar Medical are now working on another device that will be available in the New Year.