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Pain Management


A Child Health Lecturer Practitioner at Poole Hospital NHS Foundation Trust identified a need for a Child Pain Management educational package.


Child pain management is an increasingly important subject to tackle effectively within healthcare and critically for NHS organisations. Overall there appeared to be a lack of suitable educational material available in this important area.


In 2006, Vivien Maiden, a Child Health Lecturer Practitioner at Poole Hospital NHS Foundation Trust created a CD based educational package on Managing Acute Pain in Children. This package has been widely distributed within the Trust and has shown excellent results. Having recognised the quality and value of the educational package it was determined that the rest of the NHS could benefit from access to the material. However, if the package was to be made available to a wider market, it would have to be made more accessible and easily administered. It was decided that the answer to the problem would be to create an eLearning solution. A collaborative agreement has been reached in which Poole Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust in partnership with Skylands Learning will design & develop the package into an eLearning format that will be made available for purchase to other NHS Trusts.  The eLearning solution will be available for purchase in November of this year with the objective to increase knowledge and understandng of:

What pain is in relation to children

How is manifests itself

How we assess pain

The eLearning solution will also include an assessment section which can be used as supportive evidence of training in this area which can help with the NHSLA level accreditation at a Trust level and Continued Professional Development (CPD) at an individual level.

Product Availability

The Managing Acute Pain in Children eLearning Package is available for purchase from Skylands Learning.

To contact Skylands Learning please call 0207 193 4875 or go to www.skylandsuk.com