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DocCom Solutions

DocCom Solutions

New spin out company developing web delivered applications that enable NHS organisations to manage and track the communication of critical information to their doctors and allow them to create a professional network.

The Problem
Good communication between staff in a large organisation is always an issue. A particular challenge for any hospital is the communication of information to the junior doctor community quickly and effectively. Notice boards, e-mails and post are inadequate when speed and accuracy is paramount.

The Solution
Dr Jonathan Shaw and Dr Jonathan Bloor, two junior doctors in University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation Trust, identified this problem and saw the potential in developing a web-portal specifically designed to act as the central tool in effectively managing and communicating with the junior doctor community within the hospital. With support of the Trust, the two doctors used their clinical and managerial understanding as well as the latest in web technologies to develop a system that fulfilled the hospitals needs.

The Opportunity
Dr Shaw and Dr Bloor knew that the communication issues encountered at the Trust were generic across the NHS and saw an opportunity to offer the system to other Trusts across the country. After carrying out market research that strongly supported their assumptions, the two doctors decided to establish a spin-out company to act as a vehicle for the development and commercialisation of the software. Using their unique combination of clinical and technical knowledge, Doc Com has their first NHS contract and they are looking to expand nationally.

The Role of NISW
Through the Trust Innovation Lead at University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation Trust, NISW helped support and advise the two doctors in the development of their business plan and commercialisation strategy. NISW helped broker the establishment of Doc Com as a limited company and assisted the company in clarifying and managing the intellectual property rights emanating from the development of this innovative software.
For more information e-mail info@nisw.co.uk