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Hydrate for Health

Hydrate for Health

The Hydrant

The Problem
Being properly hydrated is well known to be an important factor in maintaining good health. It is particularly important to be well hydrated when recovering from an operation or an illness. However, it can be difficult to ensure that patients are taking on enough fluids while they are in hospital or in a care home. Mark Moran, the Inventor of the Hydrant, found this out for himself whilst recovering from a serious back operation in December 2005. Unable to move easily to access the jug and cup beside his bed, he became frustrated that he couldn't get a drink without calling for help. "The 'Eureka Moment' came as a result of having to ask for help to have a drink whenever I was thirsty. This was frustrating, particularly during the night, but I knew I needed to drink as I could feel myself becoming dehydrated" explains Mark.

The Solution
The solution was a simple but brilliant idea. "The Hydrant" is a 1 litre water bottle with a patented cap that has an integrated handle/hanging bracket that allows the bottle to be hung from a bed, trolley or wheelchair. A delivery tube with a bite valve can be clipped to the patients' garments making it easy for a patient to take a drink without assistance. The user simply reaches for the tube, inserts the bite valve between their lips then bites and sucks. The bite valve opens under pressure and closes when released so there is no leakage. Additional benefits of the Hydrant include maintaining water in a closed environment and preventing water spillages.

The Opportunity
Out of adversity, Mark saw an opportunity and has set up his business, Hydrate for Health, to develop and sell the Hydrant and other hydration products. For further information visit www.hydrateforhealth.co.uk

The Role of NISW
Through the Trust Innovation Leader at University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation Trust, NISW assisted Mark by gaining expert advice from healthcare professionals, infection control and medical equipment specialists. The Hydrant has been evaluated on three wards within the Trust with a further two ward based evaluations planned. This helped Mark move forward with the development of the Hydrant with confidence.
For more information e-mail info@nisw.co.uk