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The Poole Finger Traction Splint

The Poole Finger Traction Splint

NISW recently helped Poole Hospital NHS Foundation Trust to develop a training programme to enable other Trusts to implement and benefit from their innovative approach to dealing with complex finger fractures.

  The Poole Finger Traction Splint was developed by Sarah Bradley, an Advanced Occupational Therapy Practitioner in Hand Therapy.  Before its development the majority of complex digit fractures were dealt with surgically but now assessment of cases is therapist-led and the majority are able to be dealt with non-surgically using the Finger Traction Splint, with only a small minority of cases requiring surgical intervention.

Integrating the use of the Finger Traction Splint into routine practice was straightforward and the benefits have been significant for both patients and the Trust: patient care is improved - the inconvenience, pain and risk of infection associated with surgery is avoided, recovery time is reduced and there is less of a need for fracture clinic follow-ups; and for the Trust, use of the Finger Traction Splint avoids costly surgical intervention and frees up valuable theatre time and resources.

Recognising that adopting the Finger Traction Splint could save other Trusts tens of thousands of pounds each annually, Wessex AHSN provided financial support for a project which enabled Sarah Bradley, utilising NISW's practical commercial support, to develop a comprehensive two-day training programme to teach other hand therapists, through presentations, videos and practical demonstrations, how to use the Poole Finger Traction Splint, and provide advice on how to implement it successfully in their own Trusts.

  Video showing the benefits of the Poole Finger Traction Splint

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