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What we do

NISW provide expert commercial Health market business and product development support to the NHS and allied Industry.
NHS Innovations South West provides a comprehensive and confidential Innovation support service for NHS organisations as well as advice and brokerage for commercial organisations seeking to improve their understanding and access to the NHS.

Our commercially experienced Business Development Managers work directly with Trusts, as well as with our network of Trust Innovation Leads to :

  • Establish the benefits of an innovators idea
  • Conduct initial research to determine its uniqueness
  • Evaluate the potential demand and market opportunity
  • Explore opportunities for improvement and innovation to meet the challenges
  • Establish Intellectual property rights and those of collaborators and any other interested parties
  • Create a compelling business case to support commercialisation with either a private company, third party or spin off operation
  • Identify potential commercial partners and broker discussions with them leading to commercialisation that creates value for the innovator and their Trust
  • Ensure equitable rewards for all parties
  • Establish ongoing relationships with key partners for prototyping, legal and regualtory advice
  • Assist with Grant applications and identifying other funding opportunities
  • Provide ongoing continuous professional development and training to Innovation leads and board level champions to improve effectiveness and accelerate adoption of best practices